Srinivasa Textiles has versatility at the core of its manufacturing ethos. This has ensured that we’ve worked with companies across industries as a consistent textile supplier. What you can expect is the ability to take on new skills and adapt design to function as we solve your specific textile challenges. Some of the key sectors we’ve worked in so far include:


As frequent suppliers of hospitality textiles, we’re familiar with making hotel essentials that deliver on customer experience. Pleasing to use, they also meet industry demands in terms of consistency in strength and design. We’ve manufactured both bath and bedding products for this sector, such as towels, blankets, and bedsheets. Varying from luxurious to economical, they’ve included a variety of weaves, patterns and finishing. To place an inquiry for the kind of hospitality basics you require, Cick here.


Having produced medical textiles since our inception, we have a nuanced understanding of fabric selection and design for the healthcare industry. We optimise our fabrics such that absorbency, durability and comfort are consistent features of the medical textiles we manufacture. So far, our speciality has been healthcare blankets and bath towels that maximise quality at minimal costs. To enquire about them and other medical basics for your organisation, Click here.

E-commerce and Retail

In our work in the e-commerce and retail industry, we’ve created textile solutions that are as aesthetically charming as they are long-lasting. Our experience in creating home basics and decor in particular has given us perspective in making everyday essentials that are effortless to maintain. Blankets, dropcloth/dustsheets, kitchen linens and tote bags are some of what we’ve produced for our clients in this sector. To see our offerings with regards to your specific e-commerce and retail needs, Click here

Gifting and Event Promotion

We supply a range of goods for gifting and event promotion that are sturdy but flexible, making them easy to handle. With diverse options, they’re ideal for customers of varied tastes. We’ve manufactured customised tote bags, napkins, and towels for gifting and event promotion purposes. To get in touch with us about your specific requirements, Click here.


In an effort to minimise the harm from using plastic, we manufacture our range of diverse products that are sturdy, natural and environment friendly for the DIY sector. Ethically manufactured, our dustsheets are handcrafted on the basis of the varied tastes of our customers. To get in touch with us about your specific requirements, Click here.