In 1979, Srinivasa Textiles began its journey in Rajapalayam, India, nestled in the vibrant cotton trading hub of Southern India and a key center for the textile manufacturing industry. Despite being a newcomer among some of India’s most established textile suppliers, our youthful spirit has persisted throughout our growth.

Just as poets mold poetry, we shape fabric. At Srinivasa Textiles, we advocate for textiles designed for both creativity and mindful consumption. From our modest beginnings to our current status, compassionate working standards have remained paramount. We approach fabric production with a blend of innovation and tradition, partnering closely with clients to actualize their visions.
Poets shape poetry, we shape fabric. We believe that textiles should be designed for creative and compassionate consumption. What Srinivasa Textiles has been doing is making sure it gets processed that way.
This commitment has driven our expansion into various industries and territories, serving clientele in the UK, USA, Poland, Germany, and Italy. While our focus lies in crafting essential textiles for diverse sectors, our products transcend mere basics; they are crafted with an eye toward the future, infused with timeless wisdom. They embody the essence of everyday living.
It is this relentless pursuit of excellence that binds our legacy together.