In 1979, Srinivasa Textiles started out in Rajapalayam, India. The cotton trading hub of Southern India and one of the hubs for the textile manufacturing industry. 

We were a young company amongst some of India’s oldest textile suppliers. Even after that time, grown as we have now, that spirit has still stuck with us.

Poets shape poetry, we shape fabric. We believe that textiles should be designed for creative and compassionate consumption. What Srinivasa Textiles has been doing is making sure it gets processed that way. From when we were a company of 50 to now as a company of 500, compassionate working standards have been our priority. Creatively, we make fabrics just as our clients envision with us, all in the committed working style of yesteryears. 

That’s how we’ve explored different verticals and geographies in our work with customers in the UK, USA, Poland, Germany and Italy. Making textile basics across industries, we have supplied a wide customer base with products that are reliable. They’re all basics, but basics made for the future with the wisdom of the past. The basics of everyday living. 

That’s what drives us to threading a legacy together.