Where It All Begins

Starting from sourcing the fibre all the way to packaging the product, we observe several standards to ensure our work practices are responsible at every step. We are committed to conducting fair trade. We ensure that our practices are ethical, value-driven and do not in anyway harm the farming community or Mother Nature. We support Cotton trading communities that follow ethical practices.

When using cotton, we source it
ethically from trusted suppliers.

We produce our own recycled
fabric for use as raw material.

We use polyester, linen, viscose
and tencel blends in our products
as well

Where and How It Gets Shaped

Srinivasa Textiles has expansive facilities for storage, spinning, weaving, and cutting and sewing. They are all kept a secure and healthy environment for our team to work in. The impact our workspace has on its surroundings is minimised by keeping our discharge levels in check. We’re also planning to shift to renewable energy to power our operations. Meanwhile, the entire process is monitored to ensure our products are good to go as per OEKO-TEX norms.

The cotton is spun into yarn.

In the case of recycled material,
we convert cut waste to fibre,
sliver, and then yarn.

The yarn is then woven into
grey fabric.

The grey fabric goes through
wet processing to become
finished fabric.

Where It Continues

Our process isn’t complete when the product is finished, or even when it’s sold. Threading a legacy together also means giving back to the community. We use a portion of our profits for CSR purposes in accordance with Indian law.

We help support the education
of underprivileged children
from the local community.

We’ve set up skill training centres
for women, who can choose to
work with us if they wish.

We plant saplings in and around
the community frequently.